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Shanghai da Zhang Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of separation equipment, set development, design, manufacture and service in one, with professional production technology, advanced production technology, sophisticated manufacturing equipment, perfect detection means. To meet the needs of different users of filtration, we continue to develop and improve product technology and quality, improve product automation and after-sales service quality.

Filter Press
程控自动拉板厢式压滤机 (1)_副本(001).jpg 电动机械压紧压滤机_副本(001).jpg 滤布自动清洗 (1)_副本(001).jpg
滤布自动曲张 (1)_副本(001).jpg 替代原来的照片-隔膜压滤机(1)_副本(001).jpg 液压自动保压压滤机 (1)_副本(001).jpg
一次拉开厢式压滤机 (1)_副本(001).jpg 铸铁压滤机-自动拉板-样册_副本(001).jpg 自动翻板 (1)_副本.jpg
  • Korea LG environmenkal (shagnhaiCo..Ltd)

    Belt filer press of Limin sewage treatment plant in HarDin

  • Bayer Tecnoloy Engineering

    Polyurethane precision flter

  • Henkel(shanghai)Ltd

    Automatic flter pressfar sewage treatmet

  • Honeywel(China) Co.,Ltd

    Precision filter for water treatment

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